Friday, May 30, 2014

National Ford Truck Club At The NTEA Work Truck Show

Regional Ford Truck Clubs were represented at the National Breakfast in Indianapolis during the NTEA Convention in early March. Representatives from Southern California, the Northwest, Philadelphia, Houston and Atlanta were there, in addition to others interested in starting or re-starting
Truck Clubs.

Clubs serve FordPros in areas that are excited about the rebounding economy, and the need for dealers to collaborate in having finished trucks available for “instant” delivery. Work Truck Solution, a new and upcoming source for such vehicle availability, was there to listen and learn and to talk to
club representatives about this growing program. Great strides have taken place in placing bodied-up cab/chassis showing in dealer Commercial Truck web pages, demonstrating to customers that their local dealership has people available, and products “within range” to meet their Commercial Truck
Buyer’s needs on short notice.

Randy White (Georgia Truck Club) talked about the 10th Annual Lake Lanier Commercial Truck Symposium that is a spring-time (June 11-12) event for the BPN dealers in Georgia, the Carolinas and Alabama. Ed Miller (Houston Club) talked about an upcoming Golf Event that is a new venture for the Club.

Mike Ladner (Southern Cal) talked about the challenges of getting people together who are not separated by miles, but by the time it takes to travel in their area. Joe Hughes (Northwest) told of their club’s plan to have a meeting in Portland, traveling 160+ miles by chartered bus to see a new body-builder operation. Rick Damush (Philadelphia) talked about the advantages that the Truck Clubs give FordPros who meet as peers and not as rivals.

The overall mood of the group was relief that the economy is indeed on the rebound, and that we all have much to look forward to in the year ahead.

Courtesy of Spring Issue of FordPros Magazine.

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