Friday, December 12, 2014

Knapheide Service Body with Rack-It Forklift Loadable Super HD Rack

Spotted in Clearwater, Florida 


This Ford SuperCab model was sold from several in-stock units at Walker Ford in Clearwater, FL. Walker Ford stocks a wide variety of commercial work trucks with just about any body configuration for any trade; service bodies, flat beds, contractor bodies, landscapers, dumps, haulers, and vans.

Knapheide Service Body:
The Knapheide Service Body is built with rugged steel construction and external storage for your tools and equipment, the Standard Service Body is a key component in your day to day productivity.  The external compartments offer protection from the outside elements and allow the technician to access their equipment without having to climb into the truck bed.  Staying organized both on and between job sites is important, that's why Knapheide's Standard Service Bodies come with ample compartment storage space complete with shelving.  Our double panel door construction combined with stainless steel rotary latches keeps your equipment and your tools secure and provides peace of mind.  Knapheide's Standard Service Bodies are tested and true and come with a six year warranty.

Rack-It Forklift Loadable Super HD Rack: 
Rack-it builds these racks for commercial truck applications like Service Bodies, Utility Bodies, Flatbed, Contractor Bodies and more. The forklift loadable rack is configured to accommodate loading materials on the top of the rack by the use of a forklift. The load can be placed on the top crossbars and then the forks can be slid back out without impeding or damaging the rack. The load can be supported from the rear of the rack all the way to the front of the cab roof. These Super HD racks are designed for long-term heavy duty use in commercial applications.

Notice the heft of this rack, it's very sturdy construction - mounted to clear the top compartment cover when it's opened. The center and rear bar crossbars are removable and the rear bar will swing out! This will accommodate loading tall objects into the bed area. Notice the tie downs welded to the vertical posts.

Call Richard Van Peer at Walker Ford at 866-933-1338 for your commercial truck needs. They have 100's of commercial trucks in stock!Email Richard at Find out more at

To find out more about racks for your work truck, you may call Rack-It truck racks at 866-933-1338.

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