Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ford's Big Trucks Hauling in Big Sales: New 2016 F-650 and F-750 Trucks Have Best Year-to-Date Since 1997

  • Ford, the only full-line automaker offering vehicles in Classes 1-7, sold more F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks in the first eight months of 2016 than all year in 2015
  • Year-to-date sales of F-650 and F-750 trucks are up 59 percent versus 2015 and at the highest level since 1997
  • All-new F-650 and F-750 trucks are available with the buyer’s choice of Ford-built segment-exclusive gasoline engine or diesel engine
DEARBORN, Mich., – Ford, America’s truck leader, has outfitted hard-working fleets with more F-650 and F-750 trucks in the first eight months of 2016 than all year in 2015.
Sales of the all-new medium-duty Ford trucks are up 59 percent year-over-year through August, with 10,160 sold. That’s the best year-to-date sales total for Ford’s largest trucks since August 1997.

The sales growth has come quickly: The redesigned F-650 and F-750 trucks rolled off the line at Ford’s Ohio Assembly Plant near Cleveland for the first time in August 2015. Ford shifted production to Ohio from Mexico in 2015 and invested $168 million in the Ohio plant.

The F-650 and F-750 line-up includes Regular Cab, SuperCab and Crew Cab body styles, as well as straight-frame, kick-up frame Pro Loader and a new dedicated tractor model for heavy towing applications.

“We’re seeing growing interest in the new tractor from beverage and hauling fleets,” says Kevin Koester, Ford medium-duty truck and Super Duty fleet marketing manager. “Giving our customers the choice of two exclusive powertrains, available across all body styles and designed specifically for the unique needs of the vocational truck market, has really helped drive sales of our new trucks.”

Ford remains the only automaker to offer a gasoline-powered engine in the medium-duty truck segment. The 6.8-liter V10 with 320 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque is available for both F-650 and F-750 models with the heavy-duty, Ford-built TorqShift HD six-speed automatic transmission.

The 6.8-liter engine can be factory-prepped for converting to compressed natural gas or liquid propane gas as cost-effective alternatives to gasoline.

Ford is the only medium-duty truck manufacturer that designs and builds its own diesel engine and transmission combination – ensuring the powertrain will work seamlessly with all chassis components and vehicle calibrations, and providing customers with streamlined service. The Ford 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8 turbo diesel engine delivers best-in-class standard 270 horsepower and 675 lb.-ft. of torque, plus available engine outputs of 300 horsepower with 700 lb.-ft. of torque and 330 horsepower with 725 lb.-ft. of torque. It is backed by an unsurpassed five-year/250,000-mile warranty.

“Towing and rental customers have embraced the gas engine, and others are looking at this powertrain for more severe service applications,” Koester says. “Our diesel customers are praising the quietness of the 6.7-liter Power Stroke® diesel engine. Not only is it up to 45 percent quieter in the cabin at idle than the outgoing model, it’s so quiet that customers have told us that there have been times when they’ve approached the truck in front of the grille and didn’t even realize it was running.”

Another feature resonating with customers, Koester says, is the TorqShift HD’s available Live-Drive Power Takeoff Provision. The diesel engine can crank out 300 lb.-ft. of stationary torque and 200 lb.-ft. in mobile mode, giving customers the power they need to operate a wide range of equipment on the job site. Diesel models can accommodate split-shaft PTO applications, as well. New for 2017 is the addition of mobile mode on the 6.8-liter V10 engine.

Toughest, great value and work-ready Ford medium-duty trucks ever
Ford F-650 and F-750 trucks provide the ideal combination of value, capability and upfit readiness in the medium-duty truck segment.

These attributes underscore F-650 and F-750’s position as the future of medium-duty trucks:
  • Toughest: Fully designed and developed by Ford truck engineers in Dearborn, Michigan; robot-tested on taxing durability courses too demanding for human drivers; 500,000-plus miles of harsh dynamometer engine testing at extreme power levels and temperatures
  • Work-ready: New upfit-friendly chassis developed in cooperation with leading industry body makers; clean chassis capable of accommodating vocational bodies with little to no modification saves time and expense
  • Great value: Choice of segment-exclusive 6.8-liter V10 gas engine or 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 diesel – both backed by Ford’s heavy-duty TorqShift HD six-speed automatic transmission enhanced for medium-duty use with great power, performance and efficiency; supported by a national network of Ford service centers to minimize downtime
More information about the 2017 Ford F-650/F-750 lineup can be found here.

About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is a global automotive and mobility company based in Dearborn, Michigan. With about 203,000 employees and 67 plants worldwide, the company’s core business includes designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing a full line of Ford cars, trucks and SUVs, as well as Lincoln luxury vehicles. To expand its business model, Ford is aggressively pursuing emerging opportunities with investments in electrification, autonomy and mobility. Ford provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company.  For more information regarding Ford and its products and services, please visit

Monday, September 26, 2016

Kargo Master Serves Bell Bros. HVAC Serve Northern CA

Guest post by Ken Keller

Brothers Jerry and Kenny Bell founded Bell Bros. in 1991. The company is a premier heating and cooling (HVAC) contractor, window installer and plumber in Northern California with a fleet of 137 vehicles, including 120 Ford Transits completely upfitted with Kargo Master van interiors and roof racks.

With 57 technicians, 200 employees, and a territory that ranges several hundred miles from Fresno to the south, Vacaville to the west, Yuba City to the north and Pollock Pines to the east … including the Sacramento Valley … Bell Bros needs the reliability of the Transits and the durability and functionality of the Kargo Master interiors and ladder racks.

When asked about why Bell Bros choose Kargo Master, Russ Beauchamp, facilities and fleet manager, put it succinctly: “It’s the products … quality craftsmanship … they look great … and our upfitter’s customer service is exceptional. Russ, who’s been with Bell Bros. since 2009, said the company had been purchasing Kargo Master products long before he arrived and he saw no compelling reason to change vendors based on Kargo Master’s relationship and reputation with the company.”

Adding a vehicle to their fleet, which they do often, is a three-step process:

1. Purchase a Transit.
2. Take the newly acquired vehicle to the sign shop for branding.
3. Then off it goes to upfitter for installation of Kargo Master products.

Ian, a tech at Bell Bros, was asked his opinion of the Kargo Master roof racks, “They are awesome. It is easy for me to access my ladders … put them on the roof or take them off.”

His vehicle is equipped with the EZ Drop Down Ladder Rack … a nifty mechanism which allows a ladder (in his case 2 ladders) to be loaded from the side of the van by a single driver … with little effort or reach. The ladder is easily raised and locked with a removable handle which is stored inside the van. The rack works perfectly on all Transits … from the compact Transit Connect to the high roof big boys.

While functionality is paramount, Bell Bros. is acutely aware of the visibility of their vans which are moving billboards … thousands of miles are travelled every day. The look of their vans is extremely important … from the quality and style of the Transits, to bold and dynamic branding, to the finishing touches to their vehicles … Kargo Master racks and van interiors help them to work efficiently and promote Bell Bros. professionalism.

See more about Bell Bros. at and you can see more about all the the products from Kargo Master at

Friday, September 23, 2016

Sharp Heavy Equipment And CASECO Get Work Done Together

Guest post by Ken Keller

Oilfield Tough

The Oilfield Services Industry along with other heavy equipment fleets need tough and well-maintained vehicles to help deliver their services across a wide geographical expanse of our country. Sharp Heavy Equipment Services, with corporate headquarters in Gainesville, Texas, provides that maintenance. Founded as Sharp Oilfield Services in 2011, the company recently rebranded, changing their name to Sharp Heavy Equipment Services. Sharp Heavy Equipment Services provides 24/7 mobile, on-site, preventative maintenance services for oil & gas equipment and other off-highway equipment. Their mission is to keep oilfield and heavy equipment running efficiently and safely.

Sharp Heavy Equipment Services has been expanding and now has outlets across the country including San Antonio and Odessa, TX, Duncan, OK, Hobbs, NM, Zanesville, OH Denver, CO and Williston, ND. Micah Davenport is an owner of Sharp Heavy Equipment Services. Micah describes his business. “We are a mobile Jiffy Lube on steroids,” Micah said. “We provide preventative maintenance for oilfield tractors and trailers. As a 24/7 mobile service provider our well-timed service helps to mitigate downtime for our customers and frees their own mechanics from time consuming maintenance tasks.”

CASECO Truck Body plays an important role in Sharp Heavy Equipment Services’ business. CASECO’s Mechanic Truck bodies are used on Sharp’s fleet of fifty-five Ford F550 lube trucks. “Our business depends on prompt response to our customer’s needs. CASECO Truck Body’s high quality construction gives us one less thing we have to worry about,” Micah said. “We know we can show up on-site looking professional and with the tools and supplies our mechanics need. A well-stocked Sharp lube truck can knock out twenty to thirty jobs a day.”

When on-site, Sharp’s maintenance technicians take advantage of CASECO Truck Body’s efficient storage areas and durable tool drawers. “All of our trucks use the same tool layout to help with our inventory of supplies and tools. Our lube trailers and the CASECO bodies ensure that we have ample space for everything we need. Because of the great construction of the drawers, we never have issues with mal-functioning doors and tool drawers,” Micah noted. The smooth surfaces and fluid motion of CASECO’s doors and drawers adds a safety factor to their value.

The truck fleets that service our nation’s oilfield equipment need to be as tough and smart as the men and women working in our nation’s oilfields. Micah’s company certainly displays these qualities. With the support of CASECO Truck Body, Sharp Heavy Equipment Services has grown to be one of the largest preventive maintenance companies in the country.

For information about Sharp Heavy Equipment Services visit their website at: For more information on CASECO Truck Body go to:

Thursday, September 22, 2016

VMAC - Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors UNDERHOOD Demo

Demonstration of VMAC's VR70 and VR140 UNDERHOOD air compressors. Learn More:

VMAC is a world-leader in the development of truck mounted mobile air compressor solutions used for service trucks, public works, utilities and highway/heavy construction.

VMAC engineers and manufactures 70cfm and 150cfm UNDERHOOD Air Compressor Systems, 40cfm and 60cfm PREDATAIR hydraulic driven Air Compressor Systems and THROTTLE COMMANDER 3-speed engine throttle controls. UNDERHOOD and PREDATAIR Air Compressors feature high-powered rotary screw air-on-demand technology. Both systems are ideal for use on work trucks in applications such as mining, construction, tire-service, fire-apparatus and municipal operations. THROTTLE COMMANDER throttle controls are easy to install idle up speed controllers activated with a 12-volt signal. Designed for electronic engines, these load sensing throttle controls will follow a preset programmed rpm setting.

VMACs success comes from working with customers to determine what their air compressor needs are and then surpassing those needs with unparalleled product quality, innovation and customer service. By regularly introducing new and innovative products to the market, VMAC ensures it remains the leader in truck mounted mobile air compressor technology.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ford Transit with Swivel Loading Ramp Helps ENKI Brewing Deliver

Guest post by Ken Keller

ENKI Brewing, a small micro-brewery located in Victoria, Minnesota on the outskirts of Minneapolis, made their first batch of beer in June, 2013. ENKI Brewing is now moving from their present 3,000 square foot brewery to a larger 46,000 square foot building with loading docks. ENKI Brewing has been developing a growing customer base, making the move to a larger facility necessary.

John Hayes, President and co-founder of ENKI Brewing, explains. “Since 2013 we’ve been producing 20 barrel batches of beer from our brewhouse and three fermenters, delivering it to local bars, restaurants and liquor stores. We have since tripled our fermenter capacity to meet the growing demand for our beers.”

Many breweries have a wholesale distributor that picks up their beer, stores and delivers it to retail outlets. ENKI Brewing self-delivers. “We have been able to grow while retaining our distribution rights,” John explains. “We feel that there is a strategic, competitive advantage to self-deliver because it keeps us in close contact with the retailers and the end customer. A wholesale distributor just cannot devote the same amount of time and care to our products as we do.”

“The challenge for self-distributors is that we have to make all these stops around town. It is a lot of work. So we needed a vehicle that accommodated our ability to self-distribute. That’s why we went with the Ford Transit and the National Fleet Products swivel loading ramp,” John said. “Our primary delivery vehicle is an insulated Ford high-roof Transit van, upfitted with a cooler and the National Fleet Products Swivel Loading Ramp. We use it for hauling kegs and cases to our 250 local accounts.”

The National Fleet Products Swivel Loading Ramp is a spring assist ramp with a unique 180 degree external & internal swivel. “The swivel loading ramp is a simple and elegant solution,” John comments. “The folding, 8-foot ramp resides within the interior of the van. If we don’t want to use the ramp we can swing it out and have direct and complete access to the back of the van.”

“One of the reasons we got the National Fleet Products ramp is that it really saves time,” John said. “Since we are delivering more and more kegs, we need that time. The result is our guys do not feel rushed and are less prone to knocking up the interior of the van. I want to keep our van in good condition, so this ramp is one of the tools that help us do that.”

 “The National Fleet Products ramp can also go up to the height of loading docks, as opposed to going down to ground level. This is a key advantage for us,” John explained. “Some of the places we deliver have high loading docks. Before we had this ramp we had to pull the keg off the van, put it on a dolly and then run it up stairs. This was slow and back-breaking. Each keg weighs 165 pounds, so this ramp saves our peoples’ backs.”

ENKI Brewing is a well-managed, highly organized enterprise. The company takes its name from ENKI, the ancient Sumerian god of flowing water. ENKI brought fresh waters to the land, prompting the start of agriculture and quickly followed by the discovery of beer. ENKI Brewing is now rolling off more and more kegs of their fine beer with the help of the National Fleet Products Swivel Loading Ramp. ENKI Brewing’s mission is making the world a friendlier place by encouraging people to share a beer together.   They are making lots of new friends and quite a name for themselves along the way.

To check out ENKI Brewing, go to: To see National Fleet Product’s complete offerings, visit their website at:

Monday, September 19, 2016

2017 Ford Super Duty Pickup - Transformable Cupholder

Ford-patented design debuts on 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup – which can have as many as 10 cupholders thanks to transformable dual cupholder

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mobile charging truck rescues depleted EVs


An electric vehicle (EV) depletes its battery and is stuck on the side of the road without a charger anywhere in sight.

Getting towed is an option, but AAA has even a better solution: an electric vehicle mobile charging unit.

The white Ford F-250 looks like a utility truck, but make no mistake, it features that familiar an iconic AAA logo on the doors.

When a AAA member calls for service, the truck shows up with level two and level three charging options.

AAA will provide 10 to 15 minutes of charge time, which they report will provide three to 15 miles of driving range, or at least enough to make it to the next charging station.

Since being deployed in 2011, AAA’s mobile charging trucks have had thousands of service calls, according to

Not surprisingly, the charger trucks are available in metro areas where electric vehicles are used the most, which currently includes Denver, Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

2017 Ford F-150 with All-New 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 Nets Best-in-Class, V8-Beating 470 lb.-ft. of Torque, More Horsepower

  •     All-new, second-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost® V6 engine in the 2017 Ford F-150 produces 375 horsepower and a segment-best 470 lb.-ft. of torque, a gain of 10 hp and 50 lb.-ft. from previous 3.5-liter EcoBoost
  •     Class-leading torque of 3.5-liter EcoBoost  and new 10-speed automatic transmission will deliver improved acceleration and performance
  •     3.5-liter EcoBoost paired exclusively with the first volume-production 10-speed automatic transmission available from any automaker
Ford, America’s truck leader, continues its relentless pace of innovation, delivering segment-leading torque for 2017 F-150 customers with the all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost® V6 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission.

The new second-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine will provide 50 lb.-ft. more peak torque compared with the first-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, to a segment-best 470 lb.-ft., beating all diesel- and gasoline-powered competitors, including V8 engines with nearly twice the displacement of the EcoBoost V6. Horsepower jumps 10 from the previous version, to 375 hp.

“The 2017 Ford F-150 now delivers the best torque in the segment,” says Raj Nair, Ford executive vice president, Product Development, and chief technical officer. “This class-leading torque arrives with a transformative 10-speed automatic that improves nearly every aspect of F-150 performance.”

The 3.5-liter EcoBoost in the 2017 F-150 is paired exclusively with the first volume-production 10-speed automatic transmission available to consumers from any automaker.

The more capable powertrain combination will deliver improved acceleration and performance compared with previous six-speed automatic transmissions. The new engine provides better low-end and peak engine performance, ideal for hauling heavy payloads and towing heavy trailers.

The new 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine builds on the success of the 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine and first-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine available for the 2016 F-150. The 2.7-liter and first-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost engines account for approximately 60 percent of F-150 sales.

The Ford F-150 remains the first and only truck in its segment to offer a twin-turbo gasoline engine.

The 2017 Ford F-150 goes on sale this fall.

About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is a global automotive and mobility company based in Dearborn, Michigan. With about 201,000 employees and 67 plants worldwide, the company’s core business includes designing, manufacturing, marketing, financing and servicing a full line of Ford cars, trucks, SUVs and electrified vehicles, as well as Lincoln luxury vehicles. At the same time, Ford aggressively is pursuing emerging opportunities through Ford Smart Mobility, the company’s plan to be a leader in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience, and data and analytics. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide or Ford Motor Credit Company, visit

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ford Partnering with Global Cities on New Transportation Solutions

Ford is teaming up with major global cities – starting with San Francisco – to solve congestion issues and help people move more easily, today and in the future.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Reitmeier's Fleet Partners With Reading

Guest post by Ken Keller

The City of Portland, Oregon is known for its microbreweries, coffeehouses and its eco-friendliness; Portland is often called "The Greenest City in America". Delivering commercial HVAC services to this metropolitan area of over 2 million people is no small enterprise.

 Based in Portland, Reitmeier is a full-spectrum Commercial HVAC and Energy Management Services provider to Oregon and the SW Washington area. In business since 1984, Reitmeier’s diverse client base spans such projects as data centers, hospitals, commercial high-rise offices and historic buildings, as well as industrial facilities.

This year Reitmeier converted their entire service fleet over to Ford Transits Cutaways equipped with customized Reading Truck Body Classic Service Vans (CSV). Reitmeier’s President, Jeff Nusz, has high praise for the Reading CSV. “We have been using standard vans for 35 years. This fleet conversion was a big change. We wanted to make a statement in the marketplace and position our brand as something unique,” Jeff said. “We are the only company in our market that uses Reading products exclusively. Our customers really like the look of our decaled Reading body. The unique visibility is driving new clients to our doorstep.”

Reading support was vital to get Reitmeier’s new fleet operational. “We had a compliance problem concerning the venting of flammable gases. Reading solved this design problem before our first delivery. By customizing a rear compartment with venting, Reading solved that problem, and at no additional costs.”

Jeff commented on the efficiency of their local Reading authorized upfitter, Pacific Service Center (PSC). “Our vans are now shipped separately and upfitted by Pacific Service Center. We work directly with Jeff and Robyn at PSC to solve any problems we encounter. PSC handles warrant claims. Delivery time has actually sped up. This process is really seamless now,” Jeff said.

Robyn Benedetti, Vice President of Operations, has seen the difference that Reading’s CSV body has made to Reitmeier’s commitment to a goal of zero waste. “The CSV aluminum body is in complete alignment with our sustainability practices as it uses renewable material and is 100% recyclable,” Robyn said. “Due to the aluminum body, we have expanded cargo space providing greater payload. Shelving was modified by Reading to increase ease of access and organization.”

A complete audit of Reitmeier’s fuel consumption using historical data and Ford/Telogis telematics information from the new fleet will be made soon. But Jeff is seeing the savings already. “Our 2016 fuel budget is based on 2015’s fuel consumption. As of now, we are 13% to 15% under budget from where we were this time last year, “Jeff reports.

In an effort to ensure future availability of qualified technicians, Reitmeier created Reitmeier University two years ago. Reitmeier University’s two-year continuing education program was developed to train and certify new Reitmeier employees in commercial HVAC services. After completing classroom instruction, each new hire is partnered with an experienced technician in a structured mentorship. Reitmeier, with the support of Reading’s CSVs, is not only ready for the future, but is actively investing in it.

See more about Reitmeier at

See more about Reading Truck Body at

See more about Pacific Service Center

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Knapheide Standard Service Body Walk Around-2016 Work Truck Show

Watch Bert Perozzi, Dale Meier, and Chris Rolsen point out the industry-leading standard features found on Knapheide Standard Service Bodies.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ford's New EcoBoost 3.5-Liter V-6 Offers Monster Torque


Ford has released official horsepower and torque ratings for the standard 2017 EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6 engine that we'll see first on the upper-trim levels of model-year 2017 F-150s and will then rollout to the entire lineup. The new EcoBoost will be paired with the new 10-speed transmission as well.

This new upgraded EcoBoost engine will produce 375 horsepower and a whopping 470 pounds-feet of torque, more torque than any other half-ton — including GM's 6.2-liter V-8 — in the segment. The new engine uses a more sophisticated twin-turbo system, a new direct-injection system and includes many other efficiency-centered technologies to increase the power and cooling capabilities. Additionally, the new engine is four pounds lighter.

As if that wasn't enough, the first-ever EcoBoost-equipped Raptor (due out later this fall) will get an even more powerful 3.5-liter EcoBoost (specific ratings not officially announced yet), and be partnered with one of the most sophisticated four-wheel-drive systems available to provide a huge boost in dirt, street, and rock performance and capability.

The new six-mode multi-terrain system offers Normal, Sport, Weather, Mud/Sand, Baja and Rock Crawl settings, where each mode offers unique traction and driveline parameters, so steering response, throttle tip-in, traction control, transmission shifting and much more change from mode to mode.

Ford also released another video (see below) to highlight some of the Raptor's new-found capability but if the traction system works half as well in the field as it looks like on paper, we're guessing there’s plenty more performance inside this new Raptor just waiting to be released. photos by Mark Williams; manufacturer images

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Introducing Gruau Cargo Van Solutions

Toby O'Cheltree, General Manager, and Chris Weiss, Vice President of Engineering, review the features and benefits of Gruau refrigerated and IsoChem units.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ford Volunteer Corps Begins Global Caring Month with Transformational Clean Water Project, Challenge Grants

  •     Ford Motor Company awards $200,000 grant for Thailand Clean Water Community project, a winner in the inaugural Bill Ford Better World Challenge
  •     Ford volunteers in Thailand are among thousands taking part in community service projects around the world as part of Ford Global Caring Month
  •     Ford Motor Company Fund will contribute $700,000 to purchase supplies for volunteer projects, as Ford sees increasing participation in emerging markets
Dearborn, Mich,   – Ford Motor Company kicks off Global Caring Month in September with a transformational undertaking by the Ford Volunteer Corps — the Thailand Clean Water Community Project, winner of a $200,000 grant from the Bill Ford Better World Challenge.

Hundreds of Ford volunteers will help rebuild a water system in the town of Chanthaburi that serves a school and more than 3,300 local residents. Ford volunteers will repair storage tanks and install new water purifiers, sinks and other restroom fixtures. In addition, the water will be used to help irrigate crops and sustain community gardens, also providing a hands-on learning experience for students and families.

“Clean water is a necessity – a basic human right – that is not always readily available in parts of the world,” said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund. “This project goes to the heart of making people’s lives better as we start Global Caring Month by harnessing the power of our volunteers to improve their communities.” 

The Bill Ford Better World Challenge was launched last year as part of the celebration marking the 10th anniversary of the Ford Volunteer Corps. The initiative also awarded a $200,000 grant for the Nonprofit Mobility App, a mobile software application that works like a ride-sharing app and can be used to connect Ford volunteers and nonprofits with drivers and vehicles that can move food, building materials and other supplies to where they can do the most good for people in the community. The idea — proposed by Ford employees — will be created by the University of Detroit-Mercy and used by organizations in the United Kingdom and southeast Michigan.

“I am proud of the tremendous response we received when we challenged our employees to help build a better world,” said Bill Ford, executive chairman, Ford Motor Company. “These initiatives will help meet critical community needs and have a positive impact on the quality of people’s lives.”

During Ford Global Caring Month in September, some 20,000 Ford volunteers will participate in hundreds of community service projects around the world. Global Caring Month is the signature annual event of the Ford Volunteer Corps. Since it was launched in 2005, Ford Volunteer Corps members have contributed more than one million hours of community service in 48 countries, representing $29 million of in-kind community investments.

This year, Global Caring Month projects include:

    Angola - Paint, repair and renovate a secondary school
    Australia - Beautify the grounds surrounding a family retreat run by the Salvation Army
    Brazil - Make repairs and renovate a nursery, daycare and library for children
    Colombia - Overhaul food bank delivery area and sort donations
    Germany - Design and develop urban gardens, help with construction work at a high school
    India - Make renovations at a home for senior citizens
    Mexico - Make improvements at an orphanage, build water storage and feed the hungry 
    South Africa - Renovate bathrooms, repair ceilings and doors, and paint homes for children 
    United Kingdom - Modernize and make extensive improvements at a mental health facility

Ford volunteers from more than three dozen countries have signed up for community projects, including a growing number in emerging markets from Cambodia and Malaysia to Guam and Samoa. In the United States, Ford employees will participate in more than 160 volunteer activities across 16 states throughout the month, including a Ford Accelerated Action Day on Sept. 16.

Ford Fund is also increasing its financial contributions to non-profit agencies during Ford Global Caring Month. Grants totaling $700,000 will be used to purchase tools and other supplies needed to complete many of this month’s community service projects.

“The positive, powerful impact this work has on people and communities is remarkable,” said Janet Lawson, director, Ford Volunteer Corps. “Each year a better world comes into sharper focus through the caring efforts of Ford employees and our nonprofit partners.”  
About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is a global automotive and mobility company based in Dearborn, Michigan. With about 203,000 employees and 67 plants worldwide, the company’s core business includes designing, manufacturing, marketing, financing and servicing a full line of Ford cars, trucks, SUVs and electrified vehicles, as well as Lincoln luxury vehicles. At the same time, Ford aggressively is pursuing emerging opportunities through Ford Smart Mobility, the company’s plan to be a leader in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience, and data and analytics. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company.  For more information regarding Ford, its products worldwide or Ford Motor Credit Company, visit